Parents Assistance

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R-MA Parent/Guardian,

The Admissions Office is in need of your help for families who are interested in enrolling at R-MA. Please consider helping in one of the following manners:

  1. R-MA Parent Network: Prospective parents ask from time to time to speak to an R-MA parent to hear about things from their perspective. If interested, we would put your email address on our webpage so that these families can email you with any questions.
  2. Contacting Accepted Students: You would periodically be given the names of several students who were just accepted to see if they have any questions about R-MA.
  3. Educational Fairs/Information Sessions: The Admissions Office would notify you of any admissions events in your area to see if you would like to join the Admissions Officers at our booth and greet families.
  4. Off-Campus Receptions: The Admissions Office would like to host receptions for prospective and accepted students and their families in various areas. If you have a location (either your home or workplace) where you would be willing to host an event please indicate below.

If you are interested in helping with any or all of these activities please fill out the following information:



What would you be interested in helping with?



Would you be willing to share, retweet, or pin information that is on the following R-MA social media pages onto your own pages (check all that apply):


Would you be willing to give a written or video testimonial about your child's success at R-MA? These would be used online and/or in advertisements.



To schedule a video testimonial, email Written testimonials about your experience as an R-MA parent may be shared below. You may also use this space to add any ideas or comments that you may have:

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