NHS Activities

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The National Honor Society not only recognizes students who have met the ideals for membership, but actively encourages those members to provide service to their school, their community and the world. A number of our main community service projects and other activities are listed below.

On-campus Projects

At the end of each semester we hold a fundraiser where parents can purchase goody bags that we deliver to the students with a personalized good luck message as they aim to finish the semester strongly. After the end of the first semester we have a Hershey Bar recognition program where we ask faculty, staff and mentors to recommend students who have been excelling in any area of academics, athletics or campus life. The students receive 2 Hershey Bars, one for themselves and the other to give to a teacher or mentor on campus whom they would like to thank for inspiring them. On Valentine’s Day we offer a flower and card delivery service for all students at the upper and middle school.

Peer Tutoring

We encourage all our members to participate in our peer tutoring program. Requests for a peer tutor can be made using our online request form for upper school tutors. At the middle school all requests should be made via the teacher or dorm supervisor and it is the latter that will coordinate the times when we can arrange for a peer tutor to come down during study hall or on the weekend to the middle school. Peer tutoring can be a great and free way for students to connect and help serve one another within the learning community. More details are available on the online request form itself.

Local Projects

We are very active in the local community. We buy and deliver $50 of food to the local food bank every month and make a sizeable donation to the Salvation Army food drive on campus in December. We make donations to local families suffering hardship, often involving children with severe medical conditions and mounting medical bills. Last year we provided the money for a boy named Stephen to buy lacrosse cleats and invited him to our campus to practice with the LAX team. We made donations to Special Love, an organization that provides a summer camp for kids with cancer, the local House of Hope men’s shelter, and sponsored a number of current and former cadets in sponsored charity events.

International Projects

Kiva provides the backbone of our international projects where we make donations in the form of loans to small business cooperatives and individuals worldwide and continue to reinvest those funds as the money continues to circulate and grow. We receive specific e-mail updates on the actual groups that we help with our donation. We also have two excellent books available for check-out that describe in detail how the organization works, with many examples of the small businesses that have been helped by Kiva.

Through Children, Inc we sponsor Metika, a young girl in Ethiopia so that she can attend school. Without our sponsorship she would not be able to attend school and her opportunities in life would be very limited. The Smile Train is another organization where we make significant donations so that children throughout the world can have an operation to correct a cleft lip. This is more than simply cosmetic surgery, because they would often be socially disadvantaged and marginalized as a result of this medical condition. Finally, we actively support school fundraisers in response to international crises due to natural disasters. Recently we have made significant donations to the Red Cross in response to natural disasters in such countries as Haiti, Japan and China.

Hershey Park Trip

Finally, we take an annual end of the year trip to Hershey Park as a reward to our members for all their hard work during the year. This typically takes place after AP exams and before Graduation.