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NHS Peer Tutoring Program

The National Honor Society (NHS) coordinates a peer tutoring program on campus. Peer tutoring can be an effective way to help students who need help in certain subjects and it can also provide positive peer motivation and support. The NHS Officers maintain a log of NHS members who are available to peer tutor and a list of subjects in which they tutor.

Please fill out this online form if you would like to request a peer tutor at the upper school. Our officers will receive your request and contact you with the name(s) of any tutors whom we have available. Every effort will be made to match students with peer tutors by flight and grade. It is up to the student to contact the peer tutor and set up their own arrangements to suit both parties. Our officers can introduce the student to the peer tutor if necessary.

We will notify the mentor of any peer tutor(s) whom we recommend so that they can follow up with the student about how well he or she is taking advantage of the peer tutoring program. If we have nobody available to tutor in a specific subject, we recommend you ask the teacher for recommendations of strong students who might be able to help. 

We also provide peer tutors for the middle school during the week and on the weekends depending on the time our peer tutors have available. If you would like to take advantage of our peer tutoring program for the middle school, please simply contact your teacher, mentor or dorm supervisor and the dorm supervisor will check when a peer tutor is available to come to the middle school and make the arrangements. 

All NHS members are actively encouraged to peer tutor and they should make sure that their hours are logged by an adult on campus and reported to Ms. Portillo, the Community Service Director, so that they can be credited for the hours they have worked.

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