Residential Life Curriculum

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Boarding Cadets participate in The Residential Life Curriculum.  Day cadets are always welcome, and encouraged to participate.  CLSs and cadets discuss various topics of interest, including:

• How choices affect those around you and not just you 
• Over-the-counter medication concerns 
• Dealing with parents and siblings 
• Appropriate relationship building 
• Leading by example 
• Religious and cultural diversity and tolerance 
• Dealing pro-actively with roommate challenges 
• Knowing R-MA standards 
• Respect for self and others 
• Time management and attention to detail 
• Positive character development 
• Personal integrity 
• Adherence to the honor code 
• Developing healthy lifestyle habits 
• Demonstrating positive leadership (opportunities for all)
• Harnessing technology as opposed to technology harnessing you
• Cyber-bullying 
• Sexting

Appropriate materials are distributed and open discussion, sometimes led by cadets in small group format, takes place between the cadets and/or the CLSs afterwards.  Cadets are encouraged to come with their own ideas for discussion.  
We use many published materials in our Residential Life Curriculum (to include, but not limited to):

• Success for Teens (Success Foundation): Small group curriculum attended by entire boarding community 
• Quests and Quandaries: A Human Development Workbook by Carol Hotchkiss 
• Personal Quests and Quandaries: Coming of Age in the 21st Century by Carol Hotchkiss 
• Building the Residential Life Curriculum by Carol Hotchkiss and Ed Kowalchick 
• Magazines, internet, appropriate videos and other newsworthy articles 
• Charting Your Course For Excellence workbook (Character Ed Tools) 
• AFJROTC Leadership--text and workbook
• Randolph-Macon Academy Cadet Manual

·         Appropriate Internet and other Multi- Media Resources to include Current Local, Regional and World Events

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