Student Activity Information Form

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This is the online Student Activity Information Form that must be completed by all candidates who want to be considered for selection to the NJHS/NHS. Please check with me or your mentor to find out if you have been identified as a candidate. You should only complete and submit this form once you have been officially notified that you are a candidate for the selection process. 

Please note that it is extremely important that you take the time and effort to complete this form correctly and in full so as to do yourself justice. It is on the basis of this form and the evaluation sheets completed by the faculty that the NJHS/NHS Faculty Council will determine if you have met the standards for induction to the NJHS/NHS.

Please fully answer the questions listed below, giving specific details of what experience or attributes you have. Do not, for example, when asked if you have won any awards just state “yes”, but rather give specific details of what the award was and when you received it. You may well not be able to show examples of all the things listed, but please answer all the questions, writing “no” or “n/a” if necessary rather than just leaving parts of the form blank.

My job as NJHS/NHS Advisor is to guide you as a candidate, but it is the Faculty Council alone that makes the decision on whether you will be selected for induction or not.

Thank you and good luck!
Mr. Sloan

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